Sunday, October 7, 2012

that's when there were subliminal messages given.

 this is a "flashback" outfit. i was supposed to post this during the summer time, but never got around to it. that's all i got to say about that... so i'll leave you with a spoken word i wrote, i while ago. relevant.

Have you ever realized how wrong you were? Before you were unsure but now you feel like total crap, even if it happened a while ago, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t make your heart feel any lighter. And no one else understands why? Why you’re the bad guy. Everyone wants the main character to be the good guy but she has so many flaws and so many bad qualities, she isn’t perfect. But you want to believe she is as you continue reading, even if she causes the heart to stop from beating. But you are reading in third person, even though the all-knowing third person is biased and sides with the main character. She feels so bitter. You need to read the manuscript, the rough draft, and the facts, even though it’s her story, she is wrong. And not only that, she knows it too. She wants you to read the other person’s point of view. That one is probably less corrupted. And the other one, who everyone sees as the bad guy, isn’t the bad guy. He was just portrayed as one, but both characters are pretty much equally messed up, equally flawed, equally sorry, and at some point they equally cared. Now they are mostly repaired. And you can stop looking for a hero in this story, because neither of them are saving another, or saving each other. In some way they are saving themselves… no, they are creating themselves, beginning to find themselves. They are starting fresh, starting over. It’s been over. And so now we question if “all’s well that ends well.” Does it? She says it feels like a curse, a spell. “But the story isn’t finished,” quote unquote. But for now, well… that’s all she wrote.


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